The Sandgaard Foundation report identifies three focus areas to help mitigate opioid crisis

Report highlights funding shortage and need for collaboration


DENVER, Colorado –The Sandgaard Foundation—a private, Denver-based foundation created to help end the opioid epidemic—today released a comprehensive report identifying national blind spots in funding and key areas that align with its mission to combat the crisis:

  • reduce harm and save lives
  • remove the stigma of addiction
  • support long-term recovery and recovery awareness

To generate the 36-page report, the foundation retained Denver-based philanthropic advisory firm Hammer & Associates to conduct an in-depth review of the opioid crisis landscape and identify gaps in funding and programs. The research included interviews with nine grant-maker groups across 13 states, 14 issue experts and nonprofits, in addition to reviews of more than 50 opioid and recovery related websites, articles, and reports from various entities.


“Opioid misuse and overuse destroy communities and families every hour, every day across the country,” Thomas Sandgaard, founder and CEO of The Sandgaard Foundation, said. “Acknowledging the problem was the first step. Now it’s time to implement an effective solution—not quietly or discreetly—but as loudly as possible… and together. It’s time to bring new funders to the table.”


For each key area, the foundation will seek to support innovative solutions. The foundation’s research found that the most effective way to save lives from opioid overdose is to support organizations focused on harm reduction practices–for example, distributing naloxone and training people how to administer it. According to The Opioid Crisis Response Fund—a nonprofit that is funding targeted naloxone distribution— sinceOctober 2018, funding from OCRF saved 983 lives (3.6 a day) at an average cost of $135.86 per life saved.


Saving lives is just the beginning. Recognizing that one funder alone with limited resources cannot change the course of an entire crisis, the Sandgaard Foundation is actively pursuing strategic partnerships. Not only will Sandgaard partner with others to address prevention and advocacy, but the foundation will also focus on long-term recovery. This may include support and funding for recovery houses, recovery community organizations, sober living centers, recovery concerts and events, and peer recovery specialists.


To find out more about the foundation and its efforts, visit www.sandgaardfoundation.org and take the Sandgaard 360 survey to share your perspectives.




About The Sandgaard Foundation

The Sandgaard Foundation to End the Opioid Epidemic was founded in August 2018 by Thomas Sandgaard in Denver, Colorado. The foundation seeks to address the opioid epidemic by helping fund initiatives that save lives from opioid overdose, help people escape the cycle of relapse, and support those suffering substance use disorder and their families.  The Sandgaard Foundation is looking to create non-traditional coalitions and actively support initiatives that create positive changes to help end the opioid epidemic. The foundation aims to do this by changing the conversation around pain, shame, and the isolation that brings people into the crisis and keeps them there.